Transformation Energetics: The Energetic Eye 3.1.2011
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Are you an Indigo Adult Soul and don’t know it?

A new type of person is coming into incarnation right now, almost a “next step” in human evolution. These people hold great hope for the future–the promise of a new humanity and civilization. They are visionary and creative, progressive and independent. They carry new energies and manifest different ways of thinking and feeling.

These people are called “Indigo,” because the color indigo (the color seen in the “third eye”) is unusually prominent in their aura. You may be familiar with the concept of “Indigo Children” and never realized that there are also Indigo adults…or that you might be one of them!

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From the Editor

Dear Readers,

Hi everyone, hope you have had a great month. Mine has been super busy and has flown by. I celebrated my birthday poolside with much laughter, frivolity and good friends. I completed the manuscript of my forthcoming book (Can you guess? On energy and evolution), finally decided on a publisher and am getting ready to go public. Very exciting! As my subject is virtual, it seems appropriate to promote and sell the book virtually, i.e., on the internet. Stand by, you will have your copy in approx. two months. This whole process of self-publishing takes longer than I had anticipated, but I assure you, it will be worth the wait. If you have had any experience with self-publishing, and have any tips, based on your experience, please let me know. I will be most grateful.

Have a productive and fun-filled month,

Elaine Seiler

Elaine Seiler

Energetic Musings

The Mechanics of Energy Work

How does it all work (in a way that is comprehensible to us non-scientific types)?

Imagine that you are out shopping for the perfect pair of shoes for a special occasion. You go in and out, in and out, of a dozen stores, with no success. Your human body is tired, your personality is frustrated, but you are compelled for reasons you may not be able to fathom, to continue. Then suddenly, you find what you are looking for, the energy shifts and you can go home.

Or, you are looking for an apt to rent. You follow up on a dozen ads, you visit a myriad of apts. None of them are appropriate. You continue to search, wondering if you will ever find the place you seek.

From the third dimensional perspective, this process looks and feels like an ordinary search for the pair of shoes – or for a new home - a frustrating, tedious physical process. But, is there more going on here?

I have come to understand that when I have such experiences, I am cleaning and clearing the spaces I visit as I ostensibly search for the ‘right’ apartment. I am being what I call, ‘a cosmic vacuum cleaner’ or an ‘energy worker on the job’.

Vibrations from beyond this physical realm come onto the planet. They come into and through those beings who do energy work. These humans have agreed to be the receivers of this energy. These human/energy workers, are able to do many different jobs. They can act as bellows that amplify the vibrations sluggish or dampers that reduce or calm the energies s that are too fiery and explosive.

My favorite energy job title, however, is the one described above, the ‘cosmic vacuum cleaner’. In this capacity, the energy worker acts as a giant filter, energetically pulling the vibrations in a person or place through his or her body, cleaning them as they pass through and emitting them in a clearer, more harmonious state. Depending on the state of the energy, it may take a short or longer time to process, i.e. it may require one or many passes through the body’s energetic filter system. It is a bit like being a portable air conditioner machine or as I like to refer to it, a ‘cosmic vacuum cleaner’.

When I first started to do this work, I was not conscious of these jobs. Now, I recognize the pattern and will suddenly have an ‘ah ha’ moment, when the light dawns and I know I am cleaning and clearing a given field. Whatever I am doing will seem endless and then suddenly, it is over. I am clear. The energies are clear. The job is done.

How about you? Does this perspective resonate with you? Have you experienced anything similar to this? Please share your experience and/or your understandings with the readers of the Energetic Eye on the comments page of the Transformation Energetics Web site.

Recent News seen through The Energetic Eye
Androgynous model Andrej Pejic

Androgynous model Andrej Pejic (right) with a friend.

Look with me at the headlines from the news of this past month:


What called my attention this month was the news focus on a young Serbian refugee named Andre. He is topping the charts as a top model for a number of the major Paris fashion designers. Yes, he is beautiful, but what makes him unique is his ability to model both men’s and women’s clothes with equal skill, sophistication and finesse.

OK, that’s interesting, but why, when there are all kinds of dramatic, political and economic events happening around the world, do I choose to write about a fashion model?

I write about Andre, because he reflects a major trend that is part of the energetic evolution, which is my focus.

In the multi-dimensional or energetic realms, there are no male or female distinctions.

I believe this is the path on which we, the human species, is moving. Now this doesn’t mean we will not be physically male and female or that we are all moving towards homosexuality, but it does seem to indicate the two sexes will be less distinct, more alike and more energetically similar and resonant. Why is this occurring? What is the bottom line of this trend? To me, it is the inevitable outcome of the movement away from duality and polarity towards unity. In the non-physical realms, energy just IS. These distinctions gender orientation just don’t exist.

So grab your cup of tea or glass of wine and watch the runway for a glimpse of the future....

Story of the Month

Have you heard of the Brazilian Healer, known as John of God? Here is a fascinating story of one woman’s personal experience with this reknown psychic healer.

Who is John of God?

‘This is one of the most extraordinary experiences I have had in my whole life’, says my friend, as a lead in to this amazing sharing.

On the face of it and in as brief a way as possible, the following is a bit of what is going on down there in a tiny village in Brazil:

There is a simple farmer, approx. 68 years old who can neither read nor write, born into abject poverty, who has been healing people since he was 16 years old--one might call them miracles--thousands upon thousands of these healings, documented in films, photos and reality checked by people/doctors who watch what occurs day after day. The mans name is Joao Teixera.

This man is the entry point for amazing entities with whom Joao becomes incorporated, an interesting phenomenon to watch. It is the entities who cohabit with Joao who then do the surgery. The man Joao has NO recollection of what happens during the time of incorporation and sometimes the beings who come into physicality through Joao switch places so that in one stretch of two hours, he might be incorporated by many different entities.

These medical miracles/procedures are clearly apparent to the human eye, watched by all who are present, often with doctors present (encouraged to watch by Joao). They include: eye surgery, open-heart surgery, back surgery, lung surgery, neuro-physiological surgery and the list goes on and on. He does all visible surgeries with no antiseptic, on the stage of a small meeting hall, often using a kitchen knife and his fingers, as well as also doing psychic/ invisible surgery. People are worked on while in meditation. These surgeries are often completed in a matter of minutes with no client having idea what actually happened. When those individuals return home, with the help of brain scans, xrays, MRIs or just an examination they will be declared free of their tumors or whatever. Sometimes for the invisible surgery one might feel hands inside the body, sometimes there is no feeling, except a knowing that something happened while ín 'surgery'.

Following surgery the protocol is that one should rest, do nothing for 24 hours (more surgery may take place during this rest), stay in bed and not to carry anything heavy for a week or have any sort of strain lest one tears the stitches inside until one is reviewed in the middle of the night, 8 days later and the stitches are removed. What everyone who has experienced this surgery, whether visible or invisible, quickly understands is that sleep is absolutely necessary, that rest is essential and that something has really happened.

I KNOW, I HAVE EXPERIENCED THE INVISIBLE SURGERY, now a week ago, the stitches were removed last night which I experienced in a very profound way between 12-5am. My left brain is still well in gear, trying to understand it, trying to get my hands around it, but still left in the question!!

I have watched for 10 days the extraordinary procession of people from Brazil and abroad wander the streets of this very simple village, wearing white, looking for healing and finding it. This is not a place of new age slogans and pedestrian comments about love and light; it is about the unexplainable, the unknowable, but real truth.

Yesterday in front of hundreds of people, a tumor was removed from a woman’s breast `without anesthesia, without an antiseptically cleaned kitchen knife and she hardly bled. The tumor was taken to a local allopathic hospital for testing and to document the phenomenon. The day before a man staying at our accommodation, had open heart surgery with a 2 inch cut, hardly any blood, same kitchen knife and he walked away with a small band aid, slept for 24 hours and is fine.

There is lots more to tell about this two week period, much to process, much to learn and much to tell others.

What I do know for sure is that most of us have left brained topics like psychic surgery to a fare thee well. if only we could leave our left brains behind for a bit and return to our right brains even for a time, who knows what we would think of places like this and the astounding work of John of God. Who knows what we would come to accept as ‘real’.

If you haven´t seen Emma Braydon’s film--check it out and if you have any interest in going down, contact Elaine and we will get you the necessary information.’ Click here to hear an interview with John of God.

The Next Issue...

THE NEXT ISSUE will be published in May, as I will be enjoying a long overdue visit with my family in the United States in April. I will still be posting comments on the blog page, so please continue to visit the web site.

Wishing all of you two glorious fun-filled, energy-aware months...Please write me via the comments page on the website and share your reactions to the various topics in this newsletter and express any requests you might have for input in future issues. I will be introducing a question and answer section. Please participate. Ask me a question or two.

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