Transformation Energetics: The Energetic Eye 1.1.2011
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Welcome to the World of Energetics

Dear Friends,

I am very excited to welcome you to the very first issue of this newsletter on Energy, Energetics and Evolution. It seems particularly appropriate and auspicious to begin sharing on this the first day of the first month of the year, 2011. All those '1's represent new beginnings. And together, the numbers, 1.1.2011 add up to '6', which, I have been told, in numerology represents "Healing, intuition, community, love, balance, grace and evolution'. And, so the seeds of energetic transformation are sown. Let us trust that those qualities will be forthcoming in this new year.

In this newsletter, you will find information on Energetics, as well as commentary and news from an energetic or multi-dimensional perspective.

This is not a scientific newsletter and will not be tackling issues of quantum physics, nor is it an environmental paper discussing the best alternative energy sources. It is my hope that this newsletter will be an open forum for the sharing of lived experiences, concepts, beliefs and recommendations regarding the latest books, tools and ideas on the subject of energy or the ineffable vibrations that make up all life.

I look forward to sharing with you and hope that you will comment and share as well.

Please let me know if you have nay questions or if there are any special topics you would like addressed.

And, many, many blessings to all, as we begin this New Year.

Sincerely yours,

Elaine Seiler

Energetic Musings
aurora borealis
A photo by Paul Nicklen of the aurora borealis, one of the most dramatic visual depictions of energy, I know.
Energetics is a word I coined to speak about the unseen energies of life – the invisible vibrations that flow in, around, and between each of us and everything in our universe; vibrations that though unseen, effect us and are effected by us.

Over the past twenty years I have found myself more and more aware of this invisible world. In order to share what I was experiencing and about which I was learning, I had to create a term that described it, i.e., Energetics was created and has become my passion.

I began to pay attention to things that were causing reactions in me that I could not attribute to the old and traditional explanations. They were not psychological, emotional, mental, social, cultural, physical, geographic, geological or historical. What were they then? Over time, I realized that there was another dimension of reality that had been overlooked – the dimension of energy, vibrations and frequencies. Strange that this is the one that was skipped, when it is the very basis and fundamental ingredient of life, but I, like most humans, had blinders on and only saw or was aware of what I could identify with my five senses. To 'read' and 'understand' energy, I had to
go beyond the traditional ways of knowing and tap into the other dimensions. I had to go beyond intuition to the multi-dimensional world that intersects with, but goes beyond the traditional dimensional one. I discovered that that world is rich, complex, informative and intriguing beyond my wildest imaginings and explains so much of what I found confusing and unclear without that additional knowledge.

To understand this unknown invisible world, I had to find a way to enter it and to talk about it, thus the study of The Language of Energetics. This issue of The Energetic Eye will focus on this unique language.

The Language of Energetics

Energy doesn't speak English, Spanish or Chinese, but it does speak clearly. It speaks through the metaphors of our lived experiences, through the rain, floods, drought, earthquakes, excessive heat, unseasonable cold or the erupting volcanoes of nature. It communicates through the itches, pains, boils and pimples, through congestion, vertigo and backaches of the body. Energy speaks through our feelings that have nothing at all do with us, but are reflective of what is happening in the field. And, lastly, it speaks through synchronicities, coincidences and dreams that communicate messages which our conscious minds could not have known. This language of Energy, like any new tongue, is challenging.

Join me, as I pay attention to the ways in which the invisible world communicates with me. Whatever the situation, there is a message and it takes only a little exploration to uncover its meaning.
Recent News seen through the Energetic Eye
Northern Lights
Curtains of Northern Lights above Fairbanks, Alaska. Photo by Hugh Rose.
The hysteria of Wikileaks & the pursuit of Julian Asssange reads like a best selling crime thriller.

At the three dimensional level, WikiLeaks speaks of revealed secrets, political embarrassment and governmental vulnerability. At the multi-dimensional level, it speaks to me of the transitional times through which the entire planet is going, moving towards oneness and integrity. Neither individuals, nor governments can hide their dirty laundry anymore. The dark, the secret, the unclear, that which is judgmental, nasty, unkind, greedy, aggressive, money hungry or oppressive, all actions & behaviours that are of a low vibration, are being forced to the surface of our lives to be seen, witnessed, assessed and eliminated. You may think of these as just more
unpleasantness in the physical world and go no further; you may stand on one side or the other in the discussion of whether to allow Mr. Asange free reign or to punish him for overstepping the bounds of convention, but that is only part of the picture. If you look further you will see global citizens everywhere uniting to protect their freedom of speech and their rights of privacy.. You will see a world out of balance desperately trying to right itself and causing leaks or ruptures while it does that. Leaks normally relate to water. I find it quite fascinating that these political leaks were happening right in the midst of very extreme weather patterns, when water had leaked over river banks in the Midwest of the US, in New South Wales, Australia in Pakistan and in well as leaking through the old worn pipes in my home in Australia and through the pipes under the bathroom in my New York apt in the United States. This is a story of the globe trying to rebalance itself...It is neither good, nor bad, though our human personalities have emotional reactions to such events. We are aghast or thrilled at the gall of Mr. Assange. We are horrified at the hardship, loss of life and resources caused by the floods, but really, in the bigger scheme of things, in the multi-dimensional world of vibrations, these events are the ebb and flow of the energies that make up the universe. Nothing more and nothing less.
Story of the Month
Two arcs of Aurorae
Two arcs of Aurorae in the North Sky, Photo by Paul Nicklen.
  I was in the garden of a lovely restaurant in a small town in Australia having lunch with a new friend. I was describing, the energy work I do. As I said, 'fluid energy', I was literally sprinkled with an unexpected spray of water. My first reaction was shock and then total wonderment as I realized the synchronicity of my words and what had actually happened. From a strictly three-dimensional perspective I had been inadvertently showered by the owner of the restaurant, as he watered his plants. However, from a larger energetic perspective, I had manifested the very fluid of which I spoke. This was not magic, nor a conscious act of manifestation. This was demonstration of the very thin veil between the dimensions. Thoughts and words are capable of manifesting instantly into form. What very powerful beings we are!
And now back to the story of water leaks....As I was writing the caption under the photo, a large print on the wall of my office fell to the ground with an enormous thud, breaking the glass in the frame into dozen of shards. I was stunned. I stopped to consider, what had just happened? Why had this print fallen and why now? Absolutely nothing had happened to loosen the cord and cause the picture to crash. Then it struck me. I had just typed the following words the aurora borealis is,' one of the most dramatic visual depictions of energy'. It seems I was being shown another very dramatic physical manifestation of energy. A mere co-incidence or a dramatic demonstration of the power of the energetic world, what do you think? Please go to my website and let me know your thoughts on this story and also please share your experiences as well. Hope to be hearing from you soon.
The Next Issue...

Be on the lookout for the Feb. issue of The Energetic Eye in which I will write about:

What is an Energy Worker?

And offer some hints for Awakening the Energy Worker in You...

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