Transformation Energetics: The Energetic Eye 2.1.2011
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From the Editor

Dear Readers,

Voila, the second issue of The Energetic Eye. Wow, has this month gone by fast! I am finding it more and more challenging to absorb the ever more rapid passing of time.... I hope you enjoy this issue as much as I enjoyed creating it. Please send me your comments and feedback.

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Elaine Seiler

Elaine Seiler

Energetic Musings

Questions and answers on ‘energy work’:

What is an energy worker?
To me, an energy worker is anyone who allows the energies of the universe to work through them for the greater good of all. That means clearing, cleaning, calming, lifting, activating, softening, amplifying, bridging and catalysing the energies encountered. It is not necessary for you to be aware of this work or to devote yourself to it all the time. You can be a jewelry-maker, a homemaker or a lawyer, a plumber or a writer, and still be an energy worker or you can be any of those professions and be fully grounded in the third dimension and not be an energy worker. It all depends on if and how the ‘other dimensional’ energies’ are used or not.

Two exercises to awaken ‘the energy worker’ in you?
To activate your ‘inner energy worker’, you must take off what I call your ‘dimensional blinders’ & open your mind to the possibilities of a reality that is bigger and more mysterious than you ever imagined. Then, practice your expanded awareness. Start an ‘multidimensional awareness journal’.
Try the following:

  1. Dress for the day and then take a moment to assess the energy of your outfit. What color outfit have you chosen? What is the energy of that particular dress or suit? Add a scarf, a tie, a different pair of shoes. Change the jewelry You had chosen. Assess the energy of the outfit again? Ask yourself which ‘look’ is needed for the day, not what visually seems the best, or looks the most chic or the most attractive, but what creates the energy field you need for the ‘work’ that is forthcoming...even if you don’t now what the day will bring. Is it essential that you wear ‘red’ today to give you the vitality and fire you need to deal with your new client? As the day progresses, can you now see how you were absolutely correct in choosing a soft blue palette for the day.......for vibrations of ‘blue’ was the perfect foil for the excitement you encountered. Trust your knowingness and note what you observed in your new journal.

  2. Enter a store in your neighborhood, any kind of store, will work. Ask yourself, “how does the energy in that field feel’? - not how it looks, but how it feels? Explore the merchandise in the store, buy something or just browse; it doesn’t matter. Spend 5 or 10 minutes in the store, and then just before you depart, ask yourself if the energy feels different. Has anything physically changed? How can you account for the change you are experiencing? Express the difference in words. Make a note in your journal. Consider whether your presence has catalysed the energetic shift you are feeling? Find an ‘energy partner’ to share your thoughts and ‘ah-ha’ moments. Do not be embarrassed to share your new way of seeing, being, speaking, hearing and experiencing life. You are beginning to do ‘energy work’. You are on your way to becoming ‘ a multi-dimensional being’...

Recent News seen through The Energetic Eye

Energy has many forms.

A snapshot of the News on Jan 27th:

Man shot inside his home. Policeman charged for domestic violence. Two cyclones threaten flood-ravaged Australia. Thief targets Melbourne hotels. Volcano ash leaves Japanese air passengers stranded. Egypt’s Mubarak sacks the government. Clashes in Tunisia. New government in Lebanon. . World markets react to Egypt’s unrest, etc. There was much more, but this selection conveys the idea.

From the physical perspective, these headlines are a totally horrendous view of a single day in the life of humankind on planet Earth! And, from the energetic perspective? The headlines call out for reason and balance. They ask us to wake up. They prod us to want to change paths, to shift gears. They show us how negative is our perspective and how focused we are on the downside. The shadow in all its forms is being brought forth for healing. Yes, it looks terrible on the surface. From the bigger perspective, however, all is well. These messages call out to each of us to clear our own personal dark energies in our thoughts, our bodies, our closets, our worlds. Each of the headlines refers to a specific area of our lives, be it political, economic, social or ecologic. Each needs to be transformed. The cyclones, for example, represent an out of control wind tunnel that captures everything in its wake. It asks each of us to question, ‘What is out of control in our lives?’ When I asked myself that question, I received an immediate answer. I actually felt relief at seeing the metaphor. With that understanding, I could now begin the process of letting go of that personal cyclone.

We are moving into a new time. It may seem like the darkness has taken over, but it is simply a purging of the old, before we move into a new time. There, we will begin to hear ‘the good news’. There, we will find the stories of the men and women who give generously and tirelessly to help their fellow men. (There were extraordinary signs of this as an ‘army of volunteers’ came forth to assist those effected by the floods.) We will begin to see more and more news of cooperation and unification. It is coming, but there may be a few more nasty headlines for a while....until more of us have chosen the evolutionary path and until the new energies coming onto the earth are more firmly grounded here.

Story of the Month

This month’s story was sent to me by a friend of many years. We had lost contact and just recently reconnected. On New Year’s Day he sent me this story of a miracle in his life!

An unexpected Gift.

A few months ago I received a call from an Attorney in Italy. He notified me that relatives of mine had left me their Villa in Sicily in their will. I had no idea I had relatives overseas. The attorney went on to explain that this he had been best-friends with my newly found relatives for three decades. I had no memory of any of them. He then read me a hand-written letter from my uncle’s wife. It answered my question, ‘Why Me?’ She and her husband had been very close to my father. The last time they saw me was when they flew to the US for my father’s funeral – he was 31 yrs young. They were standing behind me – I was in the arms of my Grandfather, looking down at my Dad in the open casket. I looked up at him and said, ‘Poppie, Daddy’s face looks so clean’. I was 2 weeks away from my 5th birthday. They were in tears – that scene never left their consciousness, and since they never had their own children – I was their choice to receive their treasured home. Can you believe the character of such individuals? My father’s funeral was August of 1946 – and all the years that have since passed - I never knew their plan.

I am still in awe and filled with gratitude. The Villa is 8 bedrooms, 9 bathrooms, and sits on 120 acres. Today, months after this call, the Attorney phoned again – informing me that good friends of my relatives, wanted to lease the Villa for two years, thereby providing me with an income so I can afford to go to Italy and hopefully live there six months of the year, inviting friends, sponsoring workshops, enjoying Italy. I plan on doing that beginning October, 2012.

What a wonderful and extreme example of letting go and letting the universe provide........

The Next Issue...

In the next issue I will explore the MECHANICS OF ENERGY WORK, how it happens and what you can do to facilitate it’s occurrence.

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